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Ben Nevis Mountain Track


Britains iconic mountain draws crowds throughout the summer months but during the winter the mountain changes into a much more serious prospect once the winter snows have arrived. Ben Nevis in its Gaelic translation means the 'Venomous one' this gives an indicator as to what the weather can deliver. Although from a climbing aspect the mountain track may not have technical climbing involved it does require a good strong ability in the use of ice axe and crampons, navigation skills and avalanche awareness. The mountain is riddled with navigational technicalities as various gullies from its vast North Face cut into the mountain track and its large plateaux can in whiteout conditions require the need for careful navigation. On the other side lies five finger gully which draws many into difficulty. A huge gully which sits above Glen Nevis. The plateux are can be very disorientating to those in poor weather trying to descend. 

We provide a guided day with all the technical equipment provided via the mountain track to the summit. Great views across the North Face and of course a great mountaineering journey to the highest point in the UK.


All the skills required to use the technical equipment will be provided on the way.


Winter home 

Ben Nevis Ascent 

Maximumum 1 instructor to 8 clients 

Cost is £250 for one person with £20 per head up to 8 participants 

These days are available throughout the winter.

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