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Ben Nevis 


Britains highest mountain Ben Nevis has many sides offering the classic walk via the mountain track to scrambles and climbs of all levels. We offer all summer activities on Ben Nevis and know the mountain intimately. Even in the summer months it is not unheard of for snow to fall creating difficult conditions to navigate across the featureless plateau. You will always see hordes of people heading up ill equipped and without the necessary skills to avoid rescue. Taking a qualified guide will both prevent that but also allow you to gain plenty of knowledge about the mountain environment that you are in. 

We offer a guided journey for you and your group via the Mountain Track offering a journey to the summit of the Ben Nevis. Starting in Glen Nevis we wind up through Glen Nevis which has played host to movies such as Harry Potter and Braveheart up to the Half Way Lochain and onto the summit via the zig zags. 

Out other walking and scrambling options can be seen here. 

For Ben Nevis roped climbing click here. 

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Summer Home 

 Maximumum 1 instructor to 8 clients 

£250 for one person per day with £25 per person there after  

We are able to supply all safety equipment required with the exception of footwear and clothing. 

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