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Ben Nevis CMD, Coire Leiss


For those looking for a different route to the highest point in the UK the Ben offers some great options. The Bens Northern side gives spectacular views across the huge cliffs, ridges and gullies that make up its North Face. We deliver two scrambles around this area which give a great feeling of the wild and remote. Our two options are the CMD arête a long and exposed but relatively easy and unroped scramble. 

Or Coire Leiss which follows a path under the huge cliffs and then a short easy scramble leads to the end of the CMD arête and onto the summit. This is a good option for those who would like to take in the grandeur of the Northern side but with less exposure than the CMD arête.

For Ben Nevis roped climbing click here. 

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Summer Home 

 Maximumum 1 instructor to 8 clients 

£250 for one person per day with £25 per person there after  

We are able to supply all safety equipment required with the exception of footwear and clothing. 

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