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Winter Navigation 


The image above is what we often hope for in a winter mountain day but the reality is often much like the image to the left of this text. Wild weather often pushes through the Highlands giving the need to have good and accurate navigational skills. The majority of accidents in the mountains can be related to poor navigation. During the winter months the landscape changes dramatically and coupled with bad weather can be a serious place to find your way in. 

We deliver courses aimed at best preparing you for these demanding conditions. These are practical courses delivered on the hill with map and compass. Although we often want good weather on our courses this is one where some poor weather helps us and gives you the environment to test those skills in a safe environment. 

These days are throughout the Highlands and can also be planed to encompass day into night. A long winters day or the shorter November to January days often require some time walking in or off in the dark. We are happy to deliver night navigation courses on request. 

Winter home 

Open courses: 

Maximumum 1 instructor to 6 clients 

£175 per person two days 

£500 per person for five days 

Private Bespoke Courses 

Maximumum 1 instructor to 6 client

£250 for one person then a further £25 per person after up to a group not exceeding 6.

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