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Guided Winter  


From a day to a week we offer a guided adventure across the Highlands frozen summits. We can take a journey through to some of the Highlands most iconic munro summits. With the nature of winter mountaineering requiring the use of technical equipment such as ice axe and crampons all our guided journeys include an introduction to winter skills to ensure safe passage on the snow and ice. 

As we operate throughout the winter on various courses so we know where the conditions and weather will serve us best. If you have a particular target in mind or would like some help deciding which area you would like to explore then we will be happy to help just get in touch to discuss that further. 

All mountaineering equipment such as ice axe and crampons are included in your fee. We can assist should you need to hire winter mountain boots. We can also help advise on the best accommodation for you in the area we choose to operate in. 

Winter home 

Private Guiding Winter 

Maximumum 1 instructor to 8 clients 

£275 for one person then £20 per person up to 8 participants. 

We are available throughout the Highlands with a focus on the Cairngorms, Ben Nevis and Glencoe and the North West Highlands. 

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