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Day into night Navigation 


During the winter the days shorten giving a strong possibility that you may end up either walking into or out of the mountains in the dark. Coupling wild weather with darkness can lead to some highly challenging navigation. We deliver some winter days designed to coach navigation as day turns to night in the hills. This gives you the chance to try and practice this element of navigation in a safer environment giving the best chance to have the skills in place when you really need them. 

This course is available throughout the winter for private bookings and we have scheduled three open courses, dates below. Those attending must be proficient in the use of axe and crampons for a winter walking based course. This may apply to winter mountain leader trainees preparing for assessment. 

Open Course 1 December 16th 2024 Cairngorm start time 2:30 pm

Open Course 1 January 13th 2024 Cairngorm start time 2:30 pm

Open Course 1 January  14th 2024 Fort William start time 2:30 pm

Winter home 

Open courses: 

Maximumum 1 instructor to 6 clients 

£140 per person

Private Bespoke Courses 

Maximumum 1 instructor to 6 client

£250 for one person then a further £25 per person after up to a group not exceeding 6.

We have a rate for MTA members.

Just enquire for details. 

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