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Skye Ridge Traverse  

The full ridge traverse offers undoubtedly one of the finest ridge traverses and mountain journeys in the world. But this is not a walking route and involves demanding climbing and scrambling sections on a narrow and often dizzyingly exposed ridge. It also requires some complex route finding and abseils along the way. All this combines to give an Alpine feel to the journey. 

We offer a guided two day journey along the ridge tackling all the major features and Munros along its 12km crest. We make a bivvy at an appropriate point and continue to the finish the following day. 

We offer this as a three day package which gives us the chance to climb a practice route and get used to the rope tackling one of the numerous three star scrambles and climbs in the range. This is done with a one to two ratio. The ideal time of year to be on the island is the Spring into early summer which often gives the best weather for the year and also pre midges. 

If your looking to bag some Munros and not to sure if the full ridge is for you yet then take a look at our Skye Scrambles page. We are also able to put together a training programme for you to get you in the best shape for a full traverse in the future. 

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Summer Home 

 Maximumum 1 instructor to 2 clients 

£1000 for a full traverse of allowing three days. 1 days training and prep with 2 days for the traverse.

We are able to supply all equipment required with the exception of footwear and clothing. These are delivered either in Fort William, Glencoe or the Cairngorms 

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