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Torridon Munro Week


Wild Path loves the wilder more remote areas and the North West Highlands offer the perfect mix. This week involves learning the essential winter mountaineering skills detailed below. This is done while exploring the summits of the area. The Torridon mountains offer a mix of sharp ridges and shapely peaks that plunge into the Atlantic Ocean. This is a five day trip involving winter skills as we go. All equipment with the exception of clothing provided in the course fee. 

We are also on hand to help find the right accommodation options for you. 

Areas Covered

Ice axe arrests but perhaps more importantly effective use of boots and crampons with plenty of milage on both as its better to stay on your feet than need an arrest. 

Navigation is a constant theme and we look at the differences thrown up by a covering of snow and ice on the mountains. 

Snowpack evaluation and also looking at how we route plan taking into account objectives, weather forecast and avalanche forecasts. We also cover understanding the Scottish Avalanche Information service winter forecasts. 


Winter home 

Torridon Guided Week 

Maximumum 1 instructor to 6 clients 

£500 per person for five days 

Running February half term. 

We are available to assist with accommodation in the area. 

All equipment is provided for the course.

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