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Winter skills refresh day 


We offer some days for those who are getting ready for a winter season and who will have had some experience and perhaps been on a winter skills course before but would like to get those skills refreshed and in place ahead of the main season. These days focus on the main skills of ice axe and crampon techniques, navigation and evaluating the snow pack for avalanches. We like to deliver these days as a mountain journey covering these skills as we go. These days are run prior to Christmas but can be run throughout the season. The winter can be an unforgiving environment to those just starting we hope that these days highlight the essential skills needed to travel safely in the winter mountains. These days are covered throughout the highlands depending on where suits you best. 

Areas Covered

Ice axe arrests but perhaps more importantly effective use of boots and crampons with plenty of milage on both as its better to stay on your feet than need an arrest. 

Navigation is a constant theme and we look at the differences thrown up by a covering of snow and ice on the mountains. 

Snowpack evaluation and also looking at how we route plan taking into account objectives, weather forecast and avalanche forecasts. We also cover understanding the Scottish Avalanche Information service winter forecasts. 

Winter home 

Open courses: 

Maximumum 1 instructor to 6 clients 

£175 per person two days 

£500 per person for five days 

Private Bespoke Courses 

Maximumum 1 instructor to 6 client

£250 for one person then a further £25 per person after up to a group not exceeding 6.

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