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Winter Skills


An introduction to winter mountaineering is probably one of the most important courses that you might take. We spend the two days (recommended minimum) looking at the key skills below designed to create independent mountaineers. We would stress that this is just an introduction to the skills and that experience plays a vital role, we deliver the skills that allow you to head out and then develop those skills and experience further. 

Course Outline 

This introductory course aims to cover the essential skills for travel in the winter mountains. Covering the core skills, ideally spread over two days, it is a comprehensive course designed to give you the best start in independent winter mountaineering. The following areas are covered.

- Ice axe arrest 

- Crampon movement technique 

- Navigation 

- Avalanche awareness 

- Route choice 

- Weather 

- Emergency Procedures 


Winter home 


Winter Skills 


Jan: Each Weekend

FebEach Weekend

Mar: Each Weekend

£175    book now


Winter Skills 

Glen Coe 

Jan: 13th/14th 20th/21st

Feb: 10th/11th 24th/25th

Mar: 16th/17th 23rd/24th

£175    book now


Winter Week 


Jan: 8th to 9th

Feb: 12th to16th

Mar: 18th to 22nd

£500   book now

Open courses: 

Maximumum 1 instructor to 6 clients 

£175 per person two days 

£500 per person for five days 

Private Bespoke Courses 

Maximumum 1 instructor to 6 client

£250 for one person then a further £25 per person after up to a group not exceeding 6.

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